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At the heart of our organization, stand passionate individuals committed to advancing our mission. 

Walat Aqrawi, President

After his family immigrated to the United States from Iraqi Kurdistan, Walat has always been dedicated to the Kurdish movement.  He has been involved in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region since Gulf War I.  He has traveled back to Kurdistan several times since and has been involved in a variety of business ventures and numerous humanitarian efforts.  He has been involved in the Kurdish Community of Houston since 1990.  He graduated from Houston Baptist University and Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Walat is a managing partner at Aqrawi and Nguyen Law Firm specializing in Personal Injury, Immigration Law, Family Law, and Criminal Defense.  He is very passionate about the Kurdish identity and excited about the Kurdish American Foundation of Houston and its positive impact on individuals involved.

Hawal Khidir, Vice President

Hawal Khidir

Dr. Hejar Oncel, Secretary

Dr. Hejar Oncel was born and raised in Northern Kurdistan. He is a graduate of Galatasaray High School, whose alumni include founding fathers of nations born after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. After receiving a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the Bogaziçi University (first American higher education institution founded outside the US), he moved to the USA and earned a Ph.D. Degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Houston and an MBA degree from the UC Berkeley. He grew up in a politically active environment that gave him the opportunity to observe the evolution of the three main pillars of the Kurdish freedom movement: Democratic nation, absolute gender equality, and ecological society. He speaks Kurdish, French, English, Italian, Turkish, and a bit of Norwegian and Russian. He is married and currently working as a management consultant.

Hassan, Treasury

Mr. Hassan 

Khurshed Aqrawi, Community Outreach

Mr. Khurshed Aqrawi, originally from Southern Kurdistan, immigrated to the United States in 1977. After residing in Nashville, Tennessee for two years, he and his family established their home in Houston, Texas. As an entrepreneur, he successfully owned and operated his own business for over three decades. Mr. Aqrawi is deeply committed to preserving his Kurdish heritage within the diaspora and actively works to foster unity among the Kurdish Community of Houston. He shares his life with his wife and is a proud parent to three children and four grandchildren.

Haji, Community Outreach

Adham, Community Outreach

Ghanim Faris Sumo, Community Outreach

Mr. Ghanim, an early retiree, holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. His professional journey includes working with the US Government, the Saudi Arabia consulate, YMCA International, the Multicultural Alliance Organization, and Healthcare Translations. . 

Azad, Community Outreach

Jalal, Community Outreach

Farid, Cultural Advisor

Brusk, Business Advisor

Karwan, Education Advisor

Jahan Badri, Charity Advisor

Mr. Jahan Badri, a native of Eastern Kurdistan, holds a Master’s degree in Geophysical Science and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. Upon relocating to Houston, he played a pivotal role in co-founding the Kurdish American Foundation of Houston. His mission? To enhance the lives of the Kurdish community in Houston by promoting integration and raising awareness about their ongoing struggle. 

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