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     The Kurdish American Foundation of Houston is a registered foundation that operates under non-profit laws of Texas.  The KAFH is a non-political, non-religious, and non-profit entity that follows directions set by the meanings of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code. 


     The KAFH aims to provide cultural, educational, and charity services to the Kurdish-American community in Houston and across the country. This includes contributions to the long-standing relationship between the Kurdish and American communities.


     As a result of the continued discrimination against the Kurdish people in Kurdistan, the Kurdish homeland that is fractioned between mainly the four troubled Middle East countries; Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria, many Kurdish immigrants found a second home in the United States over the past half a century.  Waves of immigration resulted in establishing several Kurdish-American communities throughout cities in the United States, particulary in Houston, Texas.  While the Kurdish community is well assimilated into the culture of this country and proud of their contributions to the legacy of this nation; a sense of community remains an important factor that will only enrich the Kurdish-American relationship locally and internationally.  KAFH's goal is to strengthen the ties between both cultures and help the Kurds to connect to their roots through arts, music, and languages.


     The KAFH proudly hosts cultural activities where the Kurdish community is able to reconnect and share quality time together. The incredible support from the community members and their interest in the type of services that KAFH offers have strengthened the organization and encouraged us to continue to provide such services and expand to serve the community in other areas nationwide. We are organizing periodical events for the community to connect with one another throughout the year such as the U.S. and Kurdish national holidays (e.g. American Independence Day, Newroz, Çarsema Sor).


     The KAFH staff members are involved in this project voluntarily. We share one goal; which is to serve Houston and the Kurdish-American communities across the country.   


     Funding for the KAFH is provided by the community and we solely rely on community contributions for our projects. Please visit our Donation page to make your contribution to the mission of the KAFH.  We thank you in advance for the anticipated support.


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